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Training: supporting your team in outstanding care delivery


High-quality training is vital to the higher standard of care that is the hallmark of Helping Hands Healthcare — that’s why it’s a key component of our Helping Hand Program. Our goal is to ensure that all teams at your organization not only meet all legislative and regulatory requirements, but also are well equipped to manage any situation that arises.

All healthcare professionals placed by Helping Hands Healthcare will already have received evidence-based, best practices training that enables them to work effectively in long-term care and community care settings. 


Needs assessment


We'll start by identifying gap areas, and follow up with specialized training for your team members as required. 


Enhanced personal support worker (PSW) training


This includes additional levels of internal credentialing created by Helping Hands Healthcare based on graduating competencies (companionship, advanced dementia care, palliative and end-of-life care, and enhanced infection prevention and control training). All of our training aligns with our partner platform, Surge Learning.


Temporary staffing


We'll provide personnel to ensure your operations continue uninterrupted while your existing team members attend on-site training sessions facilitated by our education leads.

We can also provide training and support to your current staff

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