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Transitional Care: covering the first 72 hours


From our vast experience in healthcare, we know how difficult change can be for the resident, their family and the care team. Our custom Transitional Care programs aim to reduce both stressors and costs by focusing on a person’s first 72 hours in their new environment — a time when change occurs at a rapid pace.  Our process makes the transition easier for the resident, reduces the demands on your team, and ensures a seamless transition.


In-transit care


Our healthcare professional will accompany the resident to their new accommodation, providing focused support and minimizing workflow disruptions for your existing team members.


Constant companionship


We provide round-the-clock support to the new resident for the first 72 hours after admission — the period when people tend to feel most uncomfortable, vulnerable and confused and may demonstrate difficult transitional behaviours caused by being in an unfamiliar environment.




Our Personal Support Workers deliver attentive supervision to help the resident acclimatize to their new environment, providing orientation to the new surroundings and gentle reassurance to ease any pressures or worries.

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