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Care Mapping:
creating unique resident-centred plans


After your consultations with our Care Navigator, we will embark on resident-centric Care Mapping. This involves developing a collaborative plan of care which can then be easily communicated to your healthcare team and to the resident or their family members. The Care Mapping process involves three stages:


Create a Plan of Care

The Plan of Care includes recommendations that draw on Helping Hand Program resources such as the CAREFALL analysis. Each quarter, the recommendations are reviewed and evaluated, and additional training and supports can be supplied if required.


Allocate resources


The Plan of Care is sent to the care team, which can comprise staff from Helping Hands Healthcare, or your own team members. Our staff are trained in the areas of specialization covered in the plan; we can provide train-the-trainer programs to enhance the knowledge of your team members.

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Follow up 

We follow up with you, the client or their family, to ensure communication is clear and transparent and everyone involved understands the recommendations in the Plan of Care. This step, and any actions that follow from it, is implemented and monitored by the designated Care Navigator, to ensure consistency in the care path.

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