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Conditional Services:
a customized suite of additional supports


We have partnered with innovative companies to offer a one-of-a-kind suite of additional services tailored to the needs of long-term care and retirement homes. As a participant in the Helping Hand Program, you may select the services that are best suited to your needs.

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This in-depth process analyzes a client’s cognition, gait and hearing to determine their individualized risk level for falls and cognitive decline. This helps us ensure a robust plan of care and make recommendations for any additional behavioural and cognitive support that may be needed.

This AI-powered software allows the care team to take a picture of a wound or an area of the resident’s skin and receive instant pictorial treatment recommendations. This enables our team to treat impaired skin integrity or refer the client for specialized care in real time, eliminating lengthy wait times for an appropriate specialist.

Infection prevention and control (IPAC) teams


 Our designated IPAC teams can provide support in care homes during an outbreak. We proactively schedule teams for the entire line listing period, complete IPAC audits to ensure all regulations and continuous quality improvement (CQI) processes are in place and provide screening staff if needed.

Mental health and
wellness support


 Our allied healthcare professionals can offer a variety of mental health and wellness assessments and provide support and treatment recommendations to residents, staff members and family care partners. We can also conduct capacity assessments for residents and functional capacity assessments for your healthcare workers and  residents.

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