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Committed to caring for our communities


Professional care at the community level

At Helping Hands Healthcare, we provide outstanding healthcare to our communities through many different channels. This commitment includes supporting the public healthcare system in various settings. We take pride our role and continually seek new opportunities for our qualified caregivers and healthcare professionals to be of service to the community. 


Qualified by Ontario Health

Helping Hands Healthcare is qualified to work with Ontario Health as a Home Care Provider. 

This means our staff can work with publicly funded home care services in the province. These include Ontario’s 14 Home and Community Care Support Services (formerly Local Health Integration Networks, or LHINs), which coordinate in-home and community-based care for thousands of patients across the province every day. We are also qualified to work with the Ontario Health Teams (OHTs), a network of 57 teams that deliver care across the province.

Our hospital-to-home program 

We know hospital stays can be stressful. We serve more than 80 hospitals across the province, to provide a wide range of health care and personal care services to support clients in their transition from hospital to home. Our experienced health care team is trained and qualified to work with you or your loved one right away for peace of mind and continuing high-quality care.

Our work in this area is proven successful. In 2023, we completed a pilot project, in partnership with a hospital network, for an Emergency Department (ED) Diversion Program for patients age 65+. The program supported patients by providing hospital-to-home therapeutic care in situations where a hospital stay wasn’t necessary. This program helped reduce overcapacity while limiting exposure of immunocompromised patients to COVID-19.

Helping Hands Healthcare provided ED-trained Registered Nurses, Registered Nurses and Personal Support Workers, each of whom provided care within their scope of practice. The ED RNs met with the patient, obtained reports and equipment and travelled with the patient to their home. Registered Nurses provided nursing interventions such as assessment, treatment and medication administration. Personal Support Workers assisted with daily activities such as feeding, bathing and hygiene. The hospital’s integrated charting system allowed seamless communication across both environments with all team members, ensuring consistency and quality of care in the home setting.

Contact us for support

A simple call to our Client Care team opens up a world of support.
We’re here 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure you have access to high-quality care.

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